About Gôl!

Gôl! Cymru The Wales Supporters' Team has very close connections with the Gôl! charity, which was setup by a group of Welsh football fans who wanted to make a difference to the local community in Baku, Azerbaijan while following the Welsh football team.

Following a visit to several orphanages in Baku with gifts of footballs, football kits, toys and cash donations, visits to orphanages have since become a regular feature of Welsh fans' away trips along with the supporters matches. On a number of occassions, members of the supporters team have also played football with orphange children, with mixed results!

The aims of Gôl! are:

  1. To help young people in countries connected to Welsh Football through the provision of financial support and activities which develop their skills, capacities and capabilities to participate in society as independent, mature and responsible individuals.
  2. To provide financial assistance, support and recreation to assist in the treatment and care of young people suffering from mental or physical illness of any description or in need of rehabilitation as a result of such illness in countries connected to Welsh Football.
  3. To provide relief of financial hardship among young people in countries connected to Welsh football by providing such people with goods or services which they could not otherwise afford through lack of means.
  4. To provide relief of financial need and suffering among young people, victims of natural or other kind of disasters in the form of money or other means deemed suitable.
If you would like to learn more about Gôl!, please visit their website at www.gol.wales