About the Wales Supporters' Team website..

Welsh Flag The Wales Supporters Football Team website is compiling a comprehensive history of the Welsh football supporters' matches, home and away, since the first match kicked off on a sunny afternoon in Helsinki, on September 7th, 2002. We will have match results, match reports, team photos, match photos, player profiles, tournament pages, team and player stats pages. We also have plans to add extra features such as a chat forum, players' stories pages and lots more. If you have any suggestions on what you would like to see on the site, please let us know.

About the team...

The idea of a supporters' football team was conceived by a few regular Wales fans, over a beer, in a Yerevan bar during 2001. At the time, Wales' next competitive match was the first of the 2004 qualifying campaign away to Finland, so a message was posted on a Finnish supporters' message board offering to play a friendly supporters game before the full international qulaifying match, later that evening. The Finnish fans liked the idea, got a team together and the plan went ahead. On 7th September, 2002, the first Wales supporters' team made their international debut.

Since that great day in 2002, the Wales supporters' team has played many games all over Europe and beyond. From Manchester to Moscow, Azerbaijan to America, Wales supporters have turned up, proud to be given a chance to represent their country on the pitch. In the first ten years, Wales supporters managed, on over fify occasions, to assemble a bunch of players (I hesitate to use the word "team") who have proudly represented their country on foreign turf (or rocky sand in some cases). There have also been a number of fixtures played at home on Welsh soil.

Many players have taken part, some made just one appearance, some have appeared in every match. Even ex-Wales internationals, Dave Phillips and Malcolm Allen, played for the supporters' team in Belgrade, while in Vienna, the team came up against some classy opponents, such as European Cup final winner and ex-Austrian international Hans Krankl!